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  • Mahogany FAQ

  • Q. What if I have a complaint?

    A. We provide the easiest and best way to buy furniture and we are not satisfied unless all our customers are delighted with their purchase and their experience of shopping at HQF. In the unlikely event that you do not enjoy your experience of shopping with us, please tell us by email or telephone us on 07-5796166. We will acknowledge your complaint within one working day and will do our very best to resolve it as speedily as possible.

  • Q. Do HQF prices include GST?

    A. All prices quoted by us include GST at 15%.

  • Q. What if I'm unable to take delivery of my order when it's ready?

    A. If you are having work done in your home, please be aware that building projects are frequently delayed. If you are unable to take delivery of your furniture when it is ready, we may be able store it for you free of charge, as long as the items have been paid for in full, please enquire.

  • Q. Does the furniture arrive in one piece

    A. Yes, apart from the beds or table legs. This furniture is far from kit set!

  • Q. Do the beds arrive in pieces?

    A. Yes, footboard, headboard, side rails, slats, where there are four posters, roof surround and curtain pole.

  • Q. Are the beds easy to put together?

    A. Yes, male and female double matting hooks and traditional bed bolts.

  • Q. What care is required?

    A. None, other than damp dusting, keep away from direct heat source. Once a year, you could bath the furniture in boiled linseed oil.

  • Q. What size mattresses do your beds take?

    A. Standard N.Z sizes.

  • Q. What supports the mattress?

    A. There are 16 thick hardwood slats bound together on both sides of the central rail which runs from headboard to footboard.

  • Q. Freight charges?

    A. We often contribute to the freight charge, please request a quotation.

  • Q. Can I come and see your furniture, or do I have to buy on-line?

    A. We do not have a traditional shop. Our aim is to pass on the savings we make in not having this facility. We have furniture on display in our home showroom where viewing is more than welcome. If the items are not on show, we can arrange viewing at our warehouse where the furniture can be unpacked for you to view. Please give us a ring before you intend visiting, so that we can ensure there is someone around to look after you. You don't have to buy online as we welcome orders over the phone, by post, or of course if you visit.

  • Q. How long can we expect the furniture to last?

    A. If treated with care and not abused, longer than your lifetime, hence our name.

  • Teak FAQ

  • Do you use Plantation Teak?

    Yes, all of our teak is plantation grown. Plantation teak is replanted after cutting to ensure the future growth and survivial of the trees.

  • Can I see teak furniture at your location?

    Yes, our warehouse and showroom is based in Papamoa, simply call first to make sure someone is there to look after you. We encourage viewings.

  • Does it arrive fully assembled?

    Yes - we ship all our pieces to the customer fully assembled except the table legs.

  • Why is Teak better than pine, cedar, Kwila or other woods for outdoor furniture?

    Teak is a tropical hardwood that weathers well outdoors. It has oils that prevent it from absorbing too much water. It doesn't split or crack, or get spotty like other woods. It does weather, but that just makes it harder. Teak turns grey as it weathers, but it doesn't get splintery - it stays smooth. Kwila is cost effective and has a high oil content, however Kwila is from the rainforrest and will bleed which looses it's oil content, it also results in stained patio's and gardens!

  • About Us

Heirloom Quality Furniture, the New Zealand-owned family business with great buying power

Furniture is very much a family-affair at Heirloom Quality Furniture (HQF).† In 2006, Peter Barrow moved his family from the UK and set up HQF. Then, he set about importing quality homemade mahogany indoor furniture and outdoor teak furniture from Indonesia, for the New Zealand market.

Peterís brother runs his own furniture business in the UK, as do Peterís stepbrother in Australia and a family-friend in Ireland. Together, they have considerable buying power and deal direct with the factories that produce the furniture Ė cutting out the middle man and ensuring competitive prices for a quality product.

How does Heirloom Quality Furniture stand out from the crowd?

Peter likes being able to offer his customers an alternative product to standard retail. Handcrafted mahogany and teak furniture is often out of most peopleís reach, and for many a custom made piece of furniture is only wishful thinking Ė but not with Heirloom Quality Furniture. HQF is able to make your designs a reality, with a popular custom made furniture service. Peter works closely with interior designers and craftsmen who are able to design and create a unique piece of furniture to a customerís specifications. From design to the finishing touches, Peter works hard to give his customers a superior custom made product.

HQF keeps its prices competitive and quality high due to an innovative business structure. Instead of retail shops with high overheads, Peter runs his business from home, using it as a storeroom, while the furniture is kept in a storage unit. The website is HQFís shop window!

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